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JULIANNE , look models int. very own "rising star" featured in a breathtaking beauty editorial

Photography: Philipp Jelenska ,Make up&Hair :Christopher Koller , Styling : Simon Winklmueller

SARAH featured in "LIKE IT" magazine"

Nostalgic fashion editorial for Like it magazine : Photography : Caro Strasnik , Make up & Hair : Martina Fasching, Production : Katrin Jusko

Gorgeous IRYNA for MISS magazine.

International top model Iryna R. featured in an outstanding fashion editorial : Photography : DIE IDA ,Hair&Make up : BRITTA TESS ,Styling & Production :MIO PATERNOSS

Autumn vibes for"Like it" magazine featuring JULIANE

Look models international inc. very own Juliane in a double cover story , fashion and beauty. Photography : Caro Strasnik, Make up& hair : Martina Fasching , Styling : Katrin Jusko

SELINA sings the Blues for institute magazine

Outstanding photography @ merzeder_photography make up& hair : Manja Mietho


Look models international very own Polina G. in a breathtaking Beauty Editorial shot by the extremely talented : PHILIPP JELENSKA

GORBY rocks it for MADONNA magazine : GLAM of the NIGHT

Look models international very own rising star featured in a breathtaking Editorial : Photography : Norbert Kniat , Make up & hair : Sophie Chudzikowski , Styling : Nina Keplinger


Our rising star kept her hat on ! Photography : Marcel Gonzalez Ortiz , Styling : Nina Keplinger Make up& hair : Jody Cuberli


Amazing Fashion Editorial with our Ukrainean Top model. Photography : Gerhard Merzeder, Styling ; Nina Keplinger, Hair& Make up: Evelyn Karbach

Afterglow with OLGA for MISS magazine

Beautiful Editorial with our russian stunner. Photography . Philipp Jelenska , Production & Styling :Mio Paternoss Hair& Make up : Max Artemis

VERANIKA in "Autumn Vibes" for INSTITUTE magazine

Look models international very own topmodeland & actress from Belaruss flew in because she adores Vienna`s cultural Portfolio. We took advantage and booked her for this awesome Beauty Editorial : Photography : Gerhard Merzeder ; Make up& hair: Manja Mietho

LERA "thinks PINK" in Madonna magazine !

Look models international, very own russian stunner in a breathtaking Beauty Story ! Photography :Gerhard Merzeder , Hair& Make up : Sophie Chudzikowski, Styling: Nina keplinger

JOANNA ressurects the "HIPPIE MOOD"

Our top model from Poland featured in MADONNA MAGAZINE Photography : CHRIS SINGER, Styling : NINA KEPLINGER, Make up&Hair SOPHIE CHUDZIKOWSKI

"The headturning twins, Andrea and Sarah" in MISS magazine!

Classical Beauty 2X featured in a Beautiful Fashion Editorial : RETRO & VINTAGE Photography .Christian Borth, Production& Styling : Mio Paternoss Hair & Make up : Lina Gehrig

VERANIKA featured in MADONNA " Pretty in Pink"

Look models international very own Top model from Minsk makes it glow. Beautiful fashion editorial ! Photography : GERHARD MERZEDER, Make up& hair : EVELYN KARBACH Styling : NINA KEPLINGER

Ksenia S. shares "holiday feelings" for MADONNA

Look models very own, russian Topmodel was gracing the Streets of Vienna at one of the hottest days of the year, staying very cool ! Phptography : Gerhard Merzeder, Styling : Nina Keplinger, Hair& Make up : Britta Tess

LILIYA through"pink glasses" for MADONNA magazine !

Our stunner from Russia in a Beautiful Fashion Editorials shot on the Streets of Vienna ! Photography : Gerhard Merzeder, Styling : Nina Keplinger, Make up& Hair : Britta Tess

Patricia " It`s hot in the city " Mesmerizing editorial and Cover for VON magazine.

Photography : Paul Harris / Styling :Coni Sailler & Andrea Harris Hair & Make up : Sophia Jane


"The LOOK MODEL CHALLENGE 2010 " has a winner.

It is the beautiful Zelmare Viljoen from SA. The fashion crowd cheered at the club "ELYSIUM" one of Vienna`s hottest clubbing locations, for her and five other finalists. Watch out for the next round of Look model clubbings in 2011, starting at Vienna`s best, the "PASSAGE", in february.

Look Model Search Final 2009

Innovation is Wolfgang Schwarz, CEO of Look Models International Inc philosophy and vision.
During the last 20 years, Wolfgang Schwarz, opened the Eastern European market and provided the largest amount of talent to the fashion world.
Now, is time to move a step further and cover new grounds and Wolfgang Schwarz is turning his vision towards the Middle East and North Africa.
Evidence of the public interest in many countries to find their own outstanding beauties is obvious in the success of shows like “project runaway” & the various incarnations of “next top model” , and by organizing events in these economically prosperous regions , developing countries hope to tap into this air of sophistication.