Look Model Search Final 2009 - Press release

Look Models celebrates the most successful international event ever

TUNIS, Tunisia, June 29th, 2009 – The fashion crowd was cheering at last weekend's major event In Tunis. A very successful Look Model Search International Final has been the “talk of the town”.

Innovation is Wolfgang Schwarz's, chairman & CEO of Look Models International inc. philosophy and vision.

During the last 20 years, Wolfgang Schwarz, opened the Eastern European market and provided the largest amount of talent to the fashion world.

Now it is time to move a step further and cover new grounds and Wolfgang Schwarz is turning his vision towards the Middle East and North Africa.

Evidence of the public interest in many countries to find their own outstanding beauties is obvious in the success of shows like “project runway” & the various incarnations of “next top model”, and by organizing events in these economically prosperous regions, developing countries hope to tap into this air of sophistication.

Economic prosperity comes hand in hand with the responsibility of ecological awareness and it is the message that Wolfgang Schwarz want to project which is Look Models International wants you to “Take a LOOK @ your planet” by promoting ecological fashion designers and supporting projects and effort towards the global water crisis.

Water and beauty both symbolizes purity, innocence and growth. An important heritage for all countries and cultures to develop and preserve.

This year, 2009 and for the first time, the International Look Model Search competition, had not only European, U.S and Asian participants but also integrated Middle Eastern model agencies, contestants and media.

Top models like Tanya Chubko, flew in from NY, star photographers such as Andre Rau from Paris and one of the world’s most renowned designers Peter Ingwersen/NOIR as well as French Designer Christophe Guillarmé were among other industry professionals, members of the jury .

After two and a half exciting hours by the illuminated pool of the Carthage Golden Tulip Hotel resort, the foreman of the jury, Wolfgang Schwarz, announced the winner of the Look Model Search 2009. Lamia Alaoui, 20 years old from Morocco.She`s a classical beauty, immensly charming,but decided to finish her studies first before modeling on the top markets.The jury decision was unanimously and especially Paris`top photographer Andre Rau wanted to get her to Paris the next day.The first runner up was Hanaa Ben Abdesslem 23 years old from Tunisia, which has been totally reinvented and newly styled by the creative talent, following the orders of the "boss", Wolfgang Schwarz, chairman and CEO of Look models international inc. Hanna who could not geta decent modeling career started after "mission fashion " in Lebanon, plans to start her international career immediately, under the guidence of Look models international.

The evening ended with a fabulous flamenco show performed by the famous Rafael Amargo group and everyone danced until sunrise.

Look Models is a success story which began in 1975, when Wolfgang Schwarz founded the Girls and Boys model agency. Two years later, he launched the very first competition, The Face of the Eighties. In 1986, Mr. Schwarz and John Casablancas, founder of Elite Model Management, one of the world's leading model agencies at the time, agreed to expand the Look of the Year competition into Eastern and Central Europe. In the shortest possible time, with agencies in Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Belgrade, Budapest and others, this idea grew to become the world's largest scouting network, Look Model Management.

After more than 15 years of working together with Elite, Mr. Schwarz decided in 1999 to use his experience and contacts to form a new, rather different competition, the Look Model Search.

In 2007 the agency restructured and became one of the few public companies in this industry.

Look Models International inc. once again is innovating it’s strategy by entering new markets.

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